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'Shampoo! No! I am the one who loves you!' Nabiki looked at Mousse for a second before dropping his glasses onto his nose. 'Hello Mousse.'
'Nabiki Tendo, what have you done with my fair Shampoo?'
She spun him around to face the violet haired girl. 'Go get her tiger.'
'I'm a duck.'

--Laura Smith (Nabiki & Mousse; Equal Romance chapter 3).

'Um. What did you want when you were sixteen?' [Al] ventured nervously.
'A 9-millimeter Barrington Automatic with a custom grip and a tailored holster,' Hawkeye responded without hesitation; she blinked. 'And perhaps a pony.'

--Ysabet (Al & Liza about getting Winry a birthday present; Token).

I see that poor Takashi-kun is suffering without my august presence, and Tomoeda along with him. You may tell him that in England it is customary to cut off all one's hair (including eyebrows and lashes) when one has caused a friend to suffer. And that if he does miss me, he would do the same.
--Ciircee (Eriol to Tomoyo in a letter; Haikei chapter 1).

Their homework was done, and Syaoran was looking forward to the next hour, especially since he'd spent the last one explaining math to Sakura. Not that he minded, of course, but Sakura still regarded math as a special horror sent to torment her, and since Syaoran was in the Special Advanced Son, If You Don't Go Into Engineering, I'm Going to SHOOT You Class, he ended up helping her.
--Suppi-chan (Syaoran thinks about Sakura and Math; Icebreakers chapter 1).

Yukito had obviously decided to forgo reason and just drag Touya out physically. Eriol knew he should say something, but he couldn’t remember why he didn’t want the mouthy Kinomoto to leave just yet. Maybe because Touya was his son-of-the-next-life. And even though, very technically speaking, Touya was seven years his senior, he felt a surge of paternal love and pride. They should have named him Eriol Junior, he thought warmly. Clow would have liked that. Clow was always a really emotional drunk, just like Touya was now. Maybe Eriol Junior should have been named Clow Junior instead. He was such a nice son-of-the-next-life, Eriol couldn’t figure out why Yukito wanted to take him away from the party.
--Chelle-sama (A drunken Eriol thinks about Touya at Syaoran's Bachelor Party; Old, New, Borrowed, Blue chapter 1).

Fujitaka felt amazingly stupid, but he said, very softly, 'Don't notice Kero-kun and Spinel-san.' Except it came out more like [[Don't notice Kero-kun and Spinel-san.]], and he blinked rapidly. It always surprised him when he managed to do something like that. It seemed like people should notice that reality had hiccuped.
--Suppi-chan (Fujitaka uses magic; Icebreakers ch. 2).

It'd be kind of out-of-the-blue. She might think I'm possessed. Or even worse, that I'm a fake. And she might pull a Clobber-the-Sasuke-kun-Imposter no Jutsu on me and I'm not sure I want to end up in the hospital or six feet under.
--soybean (Sasuke about asking Sakura out; Square One).

Neji actually smiled. The flowers bloomed! The birds still recovering from Ino's death glare took flight in a sky of rich azure! Kakashi suddenly realized the error of his ways and burned Icha Icha Paradise in favor of reading Little Women! ...Just kidding.
--Kaeru Soyokaze (How to Bake a Cake).

When questioned sharply by her father, Jessie explained that she had been sitting on the sofa studying-- thank God her books were lying on the end table at the other end of the sofa-- and had decided to get up and add another log to the fire-- thank God it had been burning low. She hadn't seen Bandit laying on the floor near her feet-- thank God the little dog was still in the room, had stumbled over him-- thank God he couldn't talk, and struck her shin on the coffee table.
--Debbie Kluge (Jessie doesn't want her & Jonny to be caught in the act; Firezone, ch. 4)).

I should let you know: as clan head, I’ve engaged you to marry Kisame’s sole surviving sister Mako. Her gills are really quite lovely. Oh, something that’s slipped my mind for some time. Sasuke is actually your middle name. Your given name is Elmer.
--solderini (Itachi in a letter to Sasuke; Dear Foolish Little Brother).

Are you guys talking behind my back in front of me?
--Neurotic Temptress (Bobby, about Kurt and Evan; The Madness Series, ch 4).

'...' Screamed Shino as he fell on the floor.
--RedLotusNin (High School for Idiots, ch. 5).

'Kurt?' Jeff perked up and looked around wide-eyed. He quickly recognized Kurt from the pictures he had seen and dove forward to take Kurt into a bone-crushing hug. 'Oh, it's you! You're Boyfriend Kurt! I have been waiting all day to meet you! You must have broken a record getting down here so fast!'
'It's nice to meet you too, Jeff.' Kurt struggled to say.
'Hey, wait a minute!' Jeff dropped Kurt onto his feet and reached up to run his hands along Kurt's face. Kurt tried to step away but Jeff ducked his head in and rubbed his cheek to Kurt's, like a child would cuddle a kitten. 'You're so soft! And cuddly! No wonder Kitty liked you so much, what kind of moisturizer do you use?'
'Uh--' Kurt was at a loss to say anything.
'Come on, you're driving with me! I hope everyone else can follow!' Jeff picked Kurt up like his was some sort of rag doll and skipped off happily to his car that sat in the dark driveway.
'Um- professor, do you think it's safe to let Kurt go with Jeff, by himself?' Scott asked worriedly.
'I don't see that much of a problem, unless you're worried Kurt will be cuddled to death.' The professor chuckled. He wheeled himself around and made his way back to the others.

--Hearts of Eternity (My Secret, ch. 11).

Why the heck did I just say that? Am I that tired of breathing? Forget that 'I mustn't run away' crud... Run like hell!!!
--wolfsoul (Shinji after being forced to insult Asuka by the omnipotent author of the fanfic; Mind Games chapter 1).

Is this another one of those 'you must think like a fish' things? 'Cuz I hate those.
--3Jane (Mugen doesn't get Jin; Nenju).

It's a hollow victory to win simply because another has lost.
--3Jane (Jin imparts his teacher's wisdom to Mugen; Nenju ch. 31).

That isn't what I want. There's a difference between not yours and mine.
--3Jane (Jin to Mugen, about Fuu and her being with Mugen; Nenju ch. 29).

Then I shall fly as close to the sun as I can before my wings melt. It will be worth the fall, I am sure.
--Samantha-Darling (Caspian to Susan, as she tells him he's getting his hopes up regarding their relationship; One More).