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Hannah Montana.

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When you talk do you hear it, or is it just a big roaring in your ears?
--Hannah Montana (Miley).

Can't a chicken get a little privacy?
--Hannah Montana (Miley tries to tell Oliver something... while in a chicken suit; Oops I meddled again).

Daddy, who put my face on that zit?
--Hannah Montana (Miley uncovers a horrific ad; You're so vain, you probably think this zit is about you).

That boy doesn't have the brains the good lord gave a hunk of turkey jerky.
--Hannah Montana (Miley to Lilly about Oliver; Oops I meddled again).

It's like walkin' barefoot through a field of cows after their mornin' sitdown.
What, ya'll never heard that one before?

--Hannah Montana (Miley thinks it's BAD; Oops I meddled again).

Yes dad, but if you think about it midterms are a halfway to finals, so I only need to study about as half as hard. And since I study about twice as hard as everybody else, I only need to study a quarter, so I'm done. See how that works?
--Hannah Montana (Miley tries to get out of studying; She's a supersneak).

Maybe you'll learn to love him, like I did with my brother's hamster, and here's the beauty part, if Oliver dies, you won't have to bury him in the backyard!
--Hannah Montana (Lilly tries to convince Miley to accept Oliver's affection).

It's nothing, I'm just rinsing my wig... with my tears!
--Hannah Montana (Lilly is heartbroken because Jake likes Miley better; More than a zombie to me).

My Robbie name is hi. I mean... my Oliver name is hi.
--Hannah Montana (Oliver tries to ask a girl out, following Miley's dad's advice; Oops I meddled again).

Robby: You know what that boy needs? A real girlfriend.
Miley: Dad, that is the... smartest thing you've ever said.
Robby: Well you know what they say, even a blind pig snorts up a truffle.
Lilly: And that is the weirdest.
--Hannah Montana (Tennessee-isms while discussing Oliver; Miley get your gum).

Oliver: Wait, but I don't understand, then why did you kiss me?
Miley (as Hannah Montana): I didn't, the dog did.
Oliver: Aw man, those are the lips I've been thinking about for the past 24 hours?
Lilly (as Lola): If it helps, the dog hasn't stopped talking about you.
--Hannah Montana (Miley rejects Oliver; Miley get your gum).