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Robin Hood.

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Allan: Don't make us gang up on you.
Tom: Is he disrespecting our family?
Much: You rob each other in your family!
--Robin Hood (Much can't believe how the A-Dales bond; Brothers In Arms).

Him, I am proud to know. You... I'm stuck with.
--Robin Hood (Little John talks about his son with the rest of Robin's gang; Dead Man Walking).

Robin: Because we should be together. I should never have left you. I should have never gone to war. It was a mistake, and you were right, (walks over to her, kneels and takes her hands) I wanted glory, and believe me, the battlefield is the last place you’ll find it.
Marian: You would have always regretted it if you had not gone.
Robin: But not as much as I regret going. Not as much as I regret losing you.
--Robin Hood (Robin confesses his feelings as Marian lays dying; The Return Of The King).

Much: Why don't you just... just... Why don't you just JIGGER OFF!
Allan: Jigger off? What's that supposed to mean?
Much: You know what it means.
--Robin Hood (Much and Allan argue; Sisterhood).

Davina: That's your real problem isn't it, Hood? You need people to love you.
Robin: It's better than having reptiles to love you.
Davina: My brother loves me.
Robin: Like I said.
--Robin Hood (Sisterhood).

What do I have to do to prove my loyalty to you? What? Tell me! What? I'll chop off my own arms! Well... one arm, because once I chop that off then... I wouldn't be able to... chop off... the other...
--Robin Hood (Much would do anything so Robin doesn't suspect him of treason; Ducking And Diving).

Marian: Do you practice little speeches like that?
Robin: Like what?
Marian: 'You'll be so full of arrows you'll look like hedgehogs'?
Robin: No. It just came to mind.
Marian: You practice, don't you?
Robin: No!
--Robin Hood (Lardner's Ring).

Robin, of every single man in the world, you are the only one who would propose over a fresh grave by comparing me to your weapon.
--Robin Hood (Marian's reply to Robin's marriage proposal; Lardner's Ring).

Robin: Where's Will and Djaq?
Much: They said they were going to get some honey.
John: They'll be back soon.
Much: If that's what they've gone for. But why does it need two of them, hm? Honey is one of those things.
Robin: (Laughs) What things?
Much: Well what do you call it when you use a sweet, innocent word but what you really mean is something else?
John: A lie.
Much: No!
Marian: A euphemism?
Much: A euphemism. Exactly! Yes. There's a bit too much 'honey' going on around here, if you ask me. Will and Djaq nipping off together, you two going for long walks in the forest...
John: He's jealous.
Much: Well what happened to fighting for justice and rebelling against the Sheriff? We should be sticking together! Instead we're splitting into couples. I'll be perfectly honest: (puts his arm around John) I don't fancy mine much!
--Robin Hood (Give Much some lovin' too!; Lardner's Ring).

Much: Anyway, while you two have been off gallivanting--
Robin: We haven't been gallivanting!
Much: I know what you've been up to--
Marian: We've been burying a corpse in the forest.
Much: (Eyes flicker between Robin and Marian) Is that a euphemism?
--Robin Hood (Much thinks he's got Robin and Marian caught; Lardner's Ring).

Djaq: There are five of us. And a hundred of them!
Robin: Once a few determined Spartans held a pass against a vast Persian army.
Will: And they lived?
Robin: No, but they did well.
Will: Oh.
Much (to Will): I hate that story too.
--Robin Hood (Robin tries to calm his team with a story, and fails; A Good Day To Die).

Djaq: I have to be honest!... I have to be honest... And I must say that I do not love all of you in the same way.
Much: It's me, isn't it? You love everyone, but you don't love me. Brilliant.
--Robin Hood (Much's bright outlook in life; A Good Day To Die).

Gisborne: I will still have Marian. When we return to England, I will take her by force.
Sheriff: Dear boy, I will sing at your wedding!
--Robin Hood (Gisborne doesn't kill the Sheriff even when Marian asked him to; We Are Robin Hood).