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I lost the girl I was babysitting... technically, of course. But it doesn't really matter... I mean, fuck it, people lose their kids all the time, right?
--Flourish (Gabrielle).

You're getting my karate gi wet!
--Flourish (Eddie to Gabrielle).

You have to tell it in a certain way, so that it sounds right... so it sounds realistical.
--Flourish (Gabrielle).

Kaufman: So Gabrielle, some people say you're insane.
Gabrielle: I don't agree with people in theory, but yeah I'm insane. That's why I'm here.
--Flourish (Kaufman & Gabrielle).

See... logicalistically I can tell from your eyes that you're lying. How does that make you and Jesus feel?
--Flourish (Gabrielle to Mary).

Gabrielle: What happened to that big funeral? That would be fun to go to..you should go to that.
Wendy Covner: We went, Gabrielle, we're done.
Gabrielle: Don't be done. Have fun, go back.
--Flourish ((Not-so-) Convincing the Covners to stay away).

You have a temperature of at least three or four hundred!
--Flourish (Gabrielle).