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People in teh Intarnetz!.

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Oh, hey, by the way...the Sunflower Samurai? He's actually not a Sunflower. Like, I know you have no incentive now to finish the series now that I've basically ruined the entire anime for you, but, yes. It's true. The Sunflower Samurai is not actually a Sunflower. U___U
--arabesque05 (Spoiling geckophobe in regards to the ending of Samurai Champloo.).

Neon Genesis Evangelion (from the Greek Evangelion, meaning 'Gigantic robots piloted by mentally ill children').

Eva Facts:

-Gendo's final silenced line to Ritsuko was 'I'm going to shoot you now.'
-Nagisa Kaworu kills a kitten every time you masturbate.
-Kaji's first and last name was Kaji.

--master_lloyd (seen on his signature at the evageeks forums).

OH MAN I was trying to name Ed's kids in a Harry Potter fashion today THEY HAD SUCH AWESOME NAMES, it was like Fuu Maes Bucanneer Scar's Brother Elric.
--vwl (about the tendency of fandom to use other characters' names for their ships' future kids).