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The Big Bang Theory.

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Penny: Sorry the napkin's dirty, he wiped his mouth with it.
Sheldon: I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy?!
Penny: Well... yeah, I guess. But look, he signed it!
Sheldon: Do you realize what this means?!?! All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy!
Penny: Okay, all I'm giving you is the napkin, Sheldon.
--The Big Bang Theory (Penny gives Sheldon Leonard Nimoy's autograph for Christmas.).

Sheldon: ...Why are you crying?
Penny: Because I'm stupid!
Sheldon: Well, that's no reason to cry! One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad...
--The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon tries to explain physics to Penny; The Gorilla Experiment).