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the disney channel series wizards of waverly place is basically a show about a family of wizards and all the hijinks they get themselves into. they live in new york (waverly place, of course), where the parents own a sandwich shop. the head of the family jerry russo, the father (played by david deluise), who comes from a wizard family; there can only be one person with magic powers per family, and jerry won the right to be the family wizard, but he fell in love with a regular human and chose to renounce his powers in order to marry her. theresa russo, the mother (played by maria canals-barrera), is a latina woman who is not a wizard and doesn't care much for magic, but learns to live with it for her husband's and her children's sake. justin russo, the eldest child (played by david henrie), is a studious young man, very geeky and a stickler for the rules; he is really good with magic and knows every spell there is, and usually has to get his younger siblings out of trouble. alex russo, (played by selena gomez), is the main character of the show and the quintessential middle child: lazy, attention-seeking and prone to getting in trouble; she doesn't like studying (magic OR actual school), loves playing pranks on people and generally is an overall terror. max russo, the youngest child (played by jake t. austin, is a sweet kid, not very bright, but well-intentioned. beside the russos, alex's best friend harper finkle (played by jennifer stone), is also a series regular; she doesn't have magic, is a little quirky, has a huge crush on justin and loves making her own, outrageous clothes.

wizards of waverly place: the movie is, as the title implies, a full-length feature film based on the tv series. as it begins, the russos are going on a vacation to the caribbean. alex is not going with them, but after she sneaks out of their house to go to a party with harper (and in the process ends up destroying half the sandwich shop), her mother forces her to go with them after all, as punishment. she isn't very happy about that, but hopes to use the family magic wand and a book of forbidden spells, which she nicked from justin, to perform a spell on her parents so they'll let her do whatever she wants while on vacation. however, after a fight with her mother, she angrily wishes her mother and father had never met, without realizing she was holding the wand and the spellbook, and her wish is granted-- her parents don't know each other, they don't know alex and her siblings are their kids, the kids' own memories are starting to fade, and if they don't do something soon, all three russo children will disappear off the face of the earth, like they never existed. so while max stays and tries to make sure their parents don't get in trouble (like falling in love with other people), alex and justin enlist the help of a clumsy street magician with a secret, in order to find la piedra de los sueыos (the stone of dreams), a magical stone which has the power to reverse alex's spell.

the movie was very well received, making it the second-highest watched premiere for a disney channel original movie (after high school musical 2) and cable's no. 1 scripted telecast for 2009. the extended edition DVD was released on december 15th, 2009.


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