hello all! welcome to "so not zen!", kyoudai dot net's very own podcast ^_^

what does that mean, you ask? a podcast is kind of like a radio show, but streamed over the internet ^^ since the coming of mp3 files, all sorts of new and exciting possibilities were created for the web, and this is only one of the few, and most widely known of those possibilities. the latest podcasts are even including video streams.

"so not zen" is basically the seinfield of all podcasts-- that is, it's a podcast about nothing. and about everything at the same time ^^;;; see, cali loves music, and loves sharing her favorite music with others. she also talks a lot. constantly. and half the stuff she says doesn't make sense most of the time. so she decided to combine these two activities and voilą, "so not zen" was born.

why "so not zen"? well, i use the word "zen" a lot, mostly to mean "chill" or "relax"-- a typical saying of mine is "think zen" or "he was all like zen". so when i was thinking of a name for this podcast, i told myself it had to be something japanese, and "zen" was the first thing that popped into my mind. however, a podcast is not really "zen" i guess, so there you have it: "so not zen."

what kind of music and comments can you find in the podcast? carla loves rock music over all, so you'll probably find a lot of that, alternative, grunge, punk and metal. perhaps some pop, perhaps some hip-hop... probably everything but country music. i also really love music in japanese and other languages, so you'll find a lot of those genres in japanese, french, spanish... my comments usually revolve around what's been going on lately, me gushing over the songs, hollywood stuff, news and comments about books/movies i like, science/engineering topics, sometimes just random nonsense... if you're interested, go ahead and check it out. and if you like it, remember to subscribe to our feed so the next episode will be automatically downloaded to your ipod! =3 you can do so by clicking the subscribe link on the left, or if you want you can subscribe via the itunes store.