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I am a huge fangirl and I love writing, so through the years I’ve amassed quite a volume of fanfiction. You can find most of it in my FanFiction.net or AO3 accounts, but for various reasons some have wound up in several other sites, and I was looking for a way to bring it all together, mostly so I would have it all backed up in case something happened (you never know with the internet). That is why I created this site, and I hope you find it useful.

Feel free to browse around! If you read any of the fics, please leave a comment. Authors always love hearing from their readers, and it helps tremendously!

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  • Neither is Love a Cage, Chapter 3

    Love is the freedom of flying accompanied. It is letting be without possessing. PG-13 (possibly M later on), drama/romance/angst, Zuko/Katara + Aang/Toph, post-finale but diverges before LoK canon.
  • Ricochet, Chapter 37: Just Pretend

    “Primrose Everdeen.” This can’t be happening, Katniss thought. She desperately pushed through the crowd. I volunteer!, she wanted to scream. I volunteer as tribute! But she couldn’t, because she wasn’t eligible for the reaping anymore. There was nothing she could do.
  • All the Right Reasons

    “And all I can think about right now,” Hiccup continued, gaze fixed on a point on the wall across from his bed, but not really looking at it, “is that if I had died last week, the one thing I would regret would be… not marrying you.” PG-13, romance/hurt/comfort, post-HTTYD3 (SPOILERS!), Hiccup/Astrid.
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