the real adventures of jonny quest revival of the wildly popular 1960s hanna-jarbera animated show jonny quest. it was broadcast on cartoon network from august 26, 1996 to april 16, 1997. the show is an action/adventure series, covering the same basic idea as the original: that of a teenage boy named jonny quest, who travels the world with his family (his father, dr. benton quest, his adoptive brother hadji singh, their bodyguard roger "race" bannon, and their pet dog, bandit), investigating mysterious phenomena they encounter along the way.

cartoon network spearheaded this re-imagining with the purpose of attracting a wider audience by aging the younger characters by a couple of years, making the plots slightly darker, introducing new characters like jessie bannon (race's daughter), and adding a tech element in quest world, dr. quest's fully immersive virtual reality system, which was animated through 3D graphics that were notably innovative for 1996 standards. the first season of the show focused mainly on these new aspects, and the second season was produced by a different team (including a completely different voice cast) with the aim of resembling the classic JQ series a little more closely, by way of more science fiction and paranormal plotlines.

the show was generally well received by fans and critics, even gathering a decent-sized internet fandom within a new generation of teens and young adults who have now grown fully into adulthood and have raised it almost to cult status all on its own. however, the ratings and merchandise revenue were not high enough to warrant a renewal for a third season, with only 52 episodes produced in total.

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