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in this section you will find information about harry, hermione and ron as individuals, including all their most important biographical stats.

the paragraphs that are italicized are fragments of our ficlet extraordinary, which more than a piece of fiction, is a trio study. to this day it remains one of our best pieces of writing, and we felt any essays written exclusively for this section would not let our point across better than said ficlet, so it was included here in an attempt to present a deeper analysis of the characters and their interaction. the ficlet was written before harry potter and the half-blood prince came out, and it's chronologically situated somewhere in between the pages of harry potter and the order of the phoenix, from the third-person point of view of professor sinistra as she grades some of her students' essays. if you'd like to read the ficlet in its entirety, go here.
birth date: july 31st, 1980
parents: james and lily potter
other relatives: vernon, petunia and dudley dursley (uncle, aunt and cousin on his mother's side, respectively); sirius black (godfather)
spouse: ginny potter, formerly weasley
children: james, albus severus and lily potter
occupation: auror; head of the auror department
appearance: black hair, green eyes, wears round glasses. a distinctive mark is the lightning-shaped scar in his forehead, given by voldemort
hogwarts house: gryffindor, class of 1998
quidditch position: seeker; youngest in a century
wand: holly and phoenix feather, 11 inches
in the movies: harry is portrayed by daniel radcliffe

other info: harry was raised by the dursleys at number 4 privet drive, in little whinging, surrey, after his parents were murdered by voldemort; he was treated horribly by them, to the point that he used to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs. when he turned 11, he received his hogwarts letter and learned the truth of his origins. the day his parents died, he survived because his mother's sacrifice to save him invoked a very old spell in which her love protected him; this was also why voldemort couldn't touch him until he took harry's blood to come back to life in 1995.

when he was a baby, a prophecy was made through which voldemort concluded that harry could be his downfall; because of this, harry faced voldemort directly five times, and destroyed seven of his horcruxes, one of which took a physical manifestation and as the heir of slytherin could control a giant basilisk. included in those seven horcruxes is an unintentional one inside harry himself. through his hogwarts years, harry was connected to voldemort through the scar on his forehead, which gave him abilities like speaking parseltongue, and a series of dreams, sometimes premonitory, and sometimes it allowed him to see/feel what voldemort was seeing/feeling. he, along with hermione, freed his godfather from death through the dementors' kiss, when he found out that it wasn't sirius who had betrayed his parents, but peter pettigrew. the first time he saw someone die was cedric diggory, in 1995. his only pet, hedwig, a snowy owl, was killed in an altercation with lord voldemort. he was also present when albus dumbledore was killed by severus snape, and when snape himself was killed by voldemort, among others.

at one point, he dated cho chang. he was the leader of a student organization called dumbledore's army, through which students practiced defense against the dark arts in order to protect themselves from dark wizards. he owns a firebolt broom, given to him by sirius, as well as a house, number 12, in grimmauld place, and a house elf, kreacher, both inherited from sirius after his passing. he also owns his father invisibility cloak, which is one of the three deathly hallows; at one point in 1998, he was the master of the three hallows. his patronus is a stag, which was his father's animagus form.

a deeper look: some people, though, insisted in simply wanting to be normal.

she looked down at the name written atop the roll of parchment she was reading. she was grading harry potter's essay.

she kept that in mind as she read, correcting phrases here and there and adding comments. she normally wouldn't practice any kind of special treatment to a specific student, but she had decided early in the term that she would cut Potter some slack this year. The boy had other, much more important things to think about, so she could forgive a few mistakes in his essays from time to time. at least he was getting better; he didn't write about rodent infestations in jupiter's moons anymore.


oh, yes. harry potter wanted nothing more than to be normal. a normal teenage wizard, with normal friends, having normal fun and living with his normal, loving parents. he wished that he didn't have a vicious, evil dark lord behind him every step of the way, trying to get rid of him. and of course she understood that; she wouldn't wish potter's fate on anybody, much less a fifteen-year-old kid like him. but still, there was something very special in harry potter-- a light that shone from within him, a power like the wizarding world had never seen. everybody could see it, deep down. even if at the moment half the population thought he was crazy, they could all see it. and she wondered if he would still have it if he hadn't gone through so much adversity. he probably wouldn't be the same person, in that case.

but fate had spoken and he just wasn't normal, would never be normal, no matter how much he wanted to pretend he was. that light inside him, if he didn't grab on to it, would fade away. normal was dull. normal was mediocre. and if harry wanted to have a good life, he'd have to learn to deal with the fact that normal was just not him. only by accepting that he was capable of being so much more, would he be able to finally be happy.

she had seen slight changes in him all through the school year. where he'd been quiet and rather meek his first few years of schooling, now a new harry potter was standing. before, he'd used to just take everything in-- he didn't like any of what was happening to him, but he never said anything about it. he just kept things bottled up inside. it was very innocent, in a way... he'd been just a kid. she had a feeling that innocence would dissappear when all those repressed feelings blew out-- because they would, eventually. it was unavoidable.

this year, it had happened. of course, after cedric diggory's death in june, all of hogwarts had matured a little. tragedy and the threat of the dark lord had forced them all to grow up suddenly; but no one more than potter.

this time, he wasn't just taking it all in; he was reacting. things were happening to him and around him, and he didn't know why it had to be that way, but he wasn't going to go quietly along. he wanted to be included, he wanted to participate. he wanted to get to the bottom of it all. he was starting to use that raw power inside him, and though maybe he was using it for the wrong reasons-- to finally get his chance at normalcy, perhaps-- at least he knew it was there. he knew he could do something, help in some way, and, as horribly cliched as it sounded, make the wizarding world a better place. he was a gryffindor, after all; they held those kind of ideals very highly.

she wondered if that newfound strength hadn't come at a price. potter had been increasingly moody and that couldn't be good for his relationship with others. Granted, he'd never really interacted much in class, but lately he seemed even more withdrawn than usual. and she could see the cautious looks his two friends shared before saying anything to him, as if they thought that with any sound they make, he'd explode. no, it would not do. it was good that he was letting his issues out into the open, but it was just as wrong to take things to the other end of the spectrum-- and end up being isolated from those who loved him most. Especially not those two.


just reading his essay could prove it; what would be of it if granger hadn't been there to coach him through it? if she hadn't been there, he would probably be failing astronomy this term, for sure. if what she'd heard from the headmaster about events past was true, he wouldn't even be alive to write the essay.


he didn't yet know what he had. and he was a kid, after all; a kid who had to grow up too fast, granted, but still a kid. and as kids tend to do, he usually skipped over serious and dramatic reality, to go to a world of fantasy and fun.
birth date: march 1st, 1980
parents: arthur and molly weasley
other relatives: bill, charlie, percy, fred, and george weasley (brothers); ginny weasley (sister); several aunts, uncles, cousins and the like
spouse: hermione weasley, formerly granger
children: rose and hugo weasley
occupation: auror
appearance: red hair, blue eyes, freckled, tall
hogwarts house: gryffindor, class of 1998
quidditch position: keeper
wand: ash and unicorn hair, 14 inches
in the movies: ron is portrayed by rupert grint

more info: ron grew up at his family's home, the burrow, near ottery st. catchpole, devon. his family is very big and very poor. they are purebloods, but his father is obsessed with everything muggle. they are a very close family. as the youngest of six brothers, ron got a lot of hand-me-downs from his older brothers, including his first wand, his first broom, and his first pet. he always felt overshadowed by his brothers, and later on by his two best friends. he is deathly afraid of spiders because of an incident in which fred turned his teddy bear into a spider. he is an excellent wizards chess player.

ron loves quidditch, especially his favorite team, the chudley cannos. he did not apply himself very much at school, but he became a prefect in 1995. he tends to eat a lot, and messily. he is a funny, sarcastic guy, although he's been known to act immature and insensitively. his insecurities often lead him to rowing with his two best friends; he's been known to be jealous of harry, both for his fame and money, and over hermione. he's also constantly bickering with hermione over the course of the seven books, so much that it's almost considered their basic behavior. these rows with his friends have even become major, to the point that ron has stopped speaking to one or the other, at one point even leaving them both by themselves during the horcrux hunt. he always rethinks his actions, though, and makes up with them. he destroyed one of voldemort's horcruxes, the slytherin locket, by stabbing it with the sword of gryffindor; during this altercation, he was shown his deepest fears and insecurities, but he was able to confront them. he was also able to figure out how to lure out other horcruxes by imitating harry's use of parseltongue. ron's patronus is a jack russell terrier.

at one point, he dated lavender brown. until 1995, he had a pet rat named scabbers, who used to be percy's; this changed when they found out scabbers was actually petter pettigrew in his animagus form. after that, his pet was a tiny owl named pigwidgeon, aka "pig," that was given to him by sirius black. he was a member of dumbledore's army. he used to own a shooting star broom until his mother bought him a new cleansweep 11 when he became a prefect. he also owns a deluminator, left to him by dumbledore after his passing.

a deeper look: she looked at the pile of essays she hadn't graded yet. skipping over thomas', she read the name on the very last one-- the last member of The trio, of course: weasley. the essay was drastically different from the other two she had been thinking about. granger's was neat and tidy, perfectly aligned and spaced. potter's handwriting was small and tight, and the paragraphs were almost pushed together making the roll of parchment crowded and a little hard to read. weasley's essay, though, was very messy; his handwriting was big and clear (loud, she thought with a grin), but a couple of words and phrases had been scratched out, as if he hadn't had time to write it down again in a cleaner way. that alone spoke volumes of their personalities, actually.

at first glance, Weasley was as normal as a teenage boy gets in the Wizarding World. he had a big, caring family; was outgoing and loved to have fun; didn't much like school but wanted to make a place for himself in it. she refused to believe that was all weasley had to himself. granted, he wasn't all that great in astronomy but she knew he, too, was special, even if the shadows of his brothers, and potter and granger kept it from being known.

ronald weasley was everything potter wanted to be. because when one had a life so hard, one needed a sort of "safe place" to forget about all the problems, all the pain and all the anger. weasley was potter's "safe place", the one that gave him hope for the future. being like weasley was his personal goal. when reality got a little too heavy, weasley was there with a joke and a smile and the promise that maybe there was something better out there. and while weasley couldn't solve complex riddles to save potter's life physically, he surely had kept him from falling off the edge of madness some time. there was more than a person than just the body, after all. one could be alive, but not
living. and that was an ability Weasley had to give to potter that separated him from the rest of the normal, ordinary Wizarding teens.

she had heard about the rift between them the past year. who hadn't? secrets in hogwarts didn't exist and it became painfully obvious that something had gone wrong between them when for the first time in years they didn't sit together in class. she'd seen granger and weasley at odds before (
that particular relationship was just as peculiar as those two were), but not the two boys. she hoped she never had to see it again. potter certainly couldn't affort to lose any support, much less his best friend, who was almost a third of himself. and weasley was all about feelings. usually joy, and mischief; but also very human and capable of jealousy and anger. he needed to understand that he wasn't suffocating his potential by being beside Potter, instead he was taking it to new heights. there was nothing that spoke more of a person than their doing all they could to help someone else. and if he wanted to be recognized, millenia thought being the best friend he could be had much more merit than vanishing dark lords or being number one in your class. you don't need fame or intelligence to be extraordinary; sometimes you just have to be yourself. because not just everyone actually gets to.
birth date: september 19th, 1979
parents: unnamed muggle dentists
other relatives: unknown
spouse: ronald weasley
children: rose and hugo weasley
occupation: high position in magical law enforcement (like a lawyer, not specified)
appearance: bushy brown hair, brown eyes, slightly large front teeth (until her fourth year)
hogwarts house: gryffindor, class of 1998
wand: vine and dragon heartstring
in the movies: hermione is portrayed by emma watson

more info: hermione was born to muggle parents, making her a muggleborn-- also known deprecatingly as "mudblood;" she is prejudiced against by some of the pureblooded witches and wizards because of her origins. she is the quintessential wizarding nerd; always raising her hand in class to answer questions nobody had even heard of, never failing a test, and such. she is every teacher's pet (except snape). she is also very bossy. her know-it-all attitude sometimes made people not like her, but her intelligence often saved her and her best friends' lives, not to mention helped them pass their classes. she is known as the brightest witch in her generation.

she loves to read and learn things from books. she likes to learn so much that in her third year, she used a time turner to be in two classes at the same time, to the point that it was exhausting her. she doesn't like imprecise things; this is the reason she quit divination class in her third year. she is a stickler for the rules, but has learned to bend them if it will help her two best friends.

she cares about her best friends a lot, doing things that are good for them even if it doesn't seem that way. she constantly worries over harry and his mental and physical state, and often nags ron about his schoolwork and his attitude. she doesn't like flying. to no one's surprise, she became a prefect in 1995. in her second year, she concocted a pot of polyjuice potion to transform her, harry and ron into millicent bulstrode, goyle and crabbe, in order to figure out if draco malfoy was the heir of slytherin; however, she made a mistake and ended up partially changing into a cat. that same year, she was petrified by a basilisk controlled by one of voldemort's horcruxes; right before, she managed to figure out where the basilisk was hiding and transmit the information to harry. in 1994, she helped harry free sirius black. she originally coined the idea of the defense group known as dumbledore's army, as well as the method of communication they used, coins infused with a protean charm. in the last book, hermione modified her parents' memory and sent them away to australia in order to keep them from being in danger. she destroyed one of voldemort's horcruxes in 1998, hufflepuff's cup, with a basilisk fang. her patronus is an otter.

she is very vocal in her opinion that house elves should be treated better by wizards; she even created an organization to achieve this goal, called the society for the protection of elvish wellfare (s.p.e.w.), although the only members were her, harry and ron. hermione went to the yule ball with viktor krum, and remained in a "pen-pal" type of relationship with him afterwards. in 1993 she got herself a pet, a half-cat, half-kneazle she named crookshanks.

a deeper look: she looked back at the pile of essays she had already graded and looked at one in particular. granger had scored, as always, more than 100% in her grade. now if that wasn't an out of the ordinary person, she didn't know what was. she was one of the few to be extraordinary and proud of it.

in all her years as a teacher, she had probably never had a student who loved studying, just for the sake of it, so much. still, she hadn't escaped the changes of growing up. granger was probably one of those girls whose parents had taught that knowledge is power. learn to read before preschool, strive to be the perfect student, get the best grades so you can get into the best of those "college" things, and then make lots of money doing your choice of a carreer and live happily. "you can do anything if you know how to," "books will always help you find the right answer." and granger held onto those beliefs to this day; which was admirable, but millenia thought, a little "theorical." it wasn't until she got to hogwarts and met her best friends that she finally learned the "practical" side of being smart. and that, you could see in the slight changes in her personality.

she almost felt sorry for the girl, in the first year she was in hogwarts. extraordinary wasn't something the rest of the ordinary world took well to, and they could all be so cruel when something threatened their normalcy. granger had to suffer a lot those first few months, she knew. maybe it was that way even before she came to Hogwarts. she had seen it... no one would talk to her, and she would always sit alone in the front row, wondering if the laughs her classmates shared were at her expense, and wishing they wouldn't roll their eyes everytime she raised her hand to answer a question. kids didn't know how much hurt they could cause, sometimes. millenia could see some of herself in granger; not in the book-smart part of granger, because she didn't consider herself book-smart in anything but astronomy, but in that they were both great women in their own way. and so her heart went out to the girl. luckily for granger, and though some taunts still followed her to this day, she had found her little niche, too.

she looked at potter's essay again. by now she felt she could exactly pinpoint the parts in which granger had helped him. it wasn't unusual, everybody knew she often went over potter and weasley's homework to correct them. and that was it, millenia thought. before coming to hogwarts, granger had nothing to do with all that knowledge except store it in her head. now she found a new purpose in life and that purpose had a first and last name.

of course granger still loved learning new things, but what use did it have if she couldn't help her best friend save himself from the cruel designs of fate? she was definitely... what was that phrase?... "the brains of the outfit." she was the one to bring him down to reality, and to help him deal with it. she had gone so far as to even break some school rules to help her two friends; and that was a huge event when she was involved. millenia didn't think about it so much as that the boys corrupted her but instead that her feelings for those two were so strong, her priorities had shifted. slowly, but surely.

they met: on the hogwarts express, although harry and ron had already seen each other back in the platform, but hadn't talked. on the train, ron sat in harry's compartment and they became fast friends. a while later, hermione walked in, looking for neville's toad, trevor. they didn't think much of her at that point.

their friendship started: on halloween of their first year at hogwarts. ron had made hermione cry by making fun of her; she spent the afternoon locked in the bathroom. when the rest were at the halloween feast, professor quirrell let a troll into the castle. harry, remembering hermione didn't know about the troll, pulled ron towards the bathroom to look for her. unfortunately they ended up locking the troll in there with hermione, and had to go in to help her out. harry jumped on the troll's back to destabilize it, and finally ron knocked it out with its own club. when they were discovered by professor mcgonagall and snape, she was going to punish them, but hermione took the blame on himself. since that moment on, they were the best of friends.

high points in their relationship: hagrid's time in the care of norbert. the detention in the forbidden forest, along with malfoy. the journey through the trap-door in their first year, including the devil's snare, the room of keys, the giant chess game, and the potions task. receiving special house points and winning the house cup for gryffindor. the 500th deathday celebration for nearly-headless nick. the polyjuice potion plot, though hermione ends up transforming into a cat. pettigrew's reveal and sirius' truth, in their third year. gryffindor winning the house cup and the quidditch cup that year. the quidditch world cup in 1994, though it ended in a death eater attack. backing up harry's story in their fifth year. the DA, from its creation to that first meeting at the hog's head, and then the actual meetings. the "wet" post-kiss scene. visiting mr. weasley at st. mungo's. the battle of the department of mysteries. the trio tail draco malfoy to borgin & burkes. at dumbledore's funeral, ron and hermione tell harry they'll be with him "whatever happens." the battle of the seven harry potters. the plan to infiltrate the ministry. the beginning of the horcrux hunt. the imprisonment at malfoy manor. ron comes back to the trio and destroys slytherin's locket with gryffindor's sword. the visit to the lovegoods' house. the gringotts' break-in. the whole battle of hogwarts. the epilogue.

low points in their relationship: in their third year, hermione tells professor mcgonagall about harry's firebolt; harry and ron stop speaking to her. in their fourth year, ron gets jealous when harry's name comes out of the goblet of fire; he stops talking to harry, although he still talks to hermione. later on, the yule brawl. in the summer of 1995, harry gets angry at his friends because they haven't been writing to him, to tell him what's been happening. he also feels let down that ron and hermione become prefects, and not him. harry and hermione miss ron winning the quidditch cup for gryffindor. hermione and harry fight because harry is using the half-blood prince's book. hermione gets jealous of ron being with lavender. harry accidentally poisons ron. ron's breakup from the trio during the horcrux hunt.

other interesting facts: the trio complete the wizarding ancestry spectrum, one being a pureblood, one a half-blood, and one a muggleborn. their wands are the only three wands, aside from voldemort's (given his connection with harry) whose wood jo rowling chose according to the celtic assignations. the wands also each represent one of the three basic cores used by ollivander in his wands: phoenix feather, unicorn hair and dragon heartstring.

a deeper look: because the three of them, ah... they were something else. they were special enough by themselves, but together, it was just beautiful. the golden trio of hogwarts. through the years, it had become one of her guilty pleasures just to see them interact. they seemed like such a tight team, a unit. the way they balanced each other was almost (dare she think it?) magical. she hadn't been part of the hogwarts staff when the famous marauders had been around, but she'd heard many stories about them and all the mischief they caused; they were certainly role models to every hogwarts prankster from then on. she was sure that the trio was becoming legend in their own way, too.


and clearly, the golden trio was much more than just the sum of its parts. when it came to those three kids, there was nothing that was normal. and she was so glad she got to see them interact with each other. it was almost... beautiful. and sad and fun and interesting, all at the same time. the way three people that were so special in their own way, yet so different from each other could find each other in this world full of ordinary people and complement each other so perfectly. most people would look outside the windows and marvel at the wonder that was the sky, the birds, the trees and the sea. she did know and acknowledge the beauty that was in the beyond. but as she'd said, she was different than most people. for her, there was nothing more amazing than looking at what was inside a person. and these three, they formed something amazing. weasley, granger and potter.

heart, mind and... soul.

it was extraordinary.