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here you'll find our trio music recommendations. this is a list of songs that remind us of the trio, individually or collectively, when we listen to them. you can listen to them in the jukebox, follow the link to the song's lyrics, and of course, we also have written down the reason why the song made the list. if you'd like to recommend a song so it can be in this list, just let us know through the tagboard or send us an email.

harry's music is more in the emo/grunge/indie side, of course, because he's the hero who's had an awful life. some of it details the experiences he's gone through and how he's felt about them, and you'll even find some livelier pieces, because he's also had good times and a bright future.

1. pearl jam - alive | lyrics | harry wasn't expecting to live to eighteen, but he did.

2. our lady peace - all my friends | lyrics | during the horcrux hunt, when he doesn't know what to do and he feels ron & hermione are regretting sticking with him.

3. nine days - another day | lyrics | a "pep talk" kinda song, strength for all he has to go through.

4. lifehouse - quasimodo | lyrics | he's been lied to for the sake of the wizarding world, for a fate he never asked for in the first place.

ron's songs are a bit more on the punk/alternative side; they're more upbeat, louder, less dark, and some are even funny, like ron himself. these are more popular choices, more universal kind of music. still, for certain important moments in his life, we can also find some darker ones.

1. blink 182 - i miss you | lyrics | thinking of harry & hermione when he left them in DH.

2. our lady peace - will the future blame us | lyrics | regretting having left, and wondering if his friends will forgive him.

pop is more hermione's style. being the only girl of the trio, she's more inclined to the softer side of the musical spectrum-- pop, as mentioned, and country, with a splash of ballad. there will also be some deeper pieces, maybe some alternative, to account for her intellectual prowess, strength and the depth of her feelings for her friends, and during the bad times.

1. spin doctors - little miss can't be wrong | lyrics | she isn't half as bad as the woman in the song but, hey, she is a know-it-all.

the songs that represent the trio have one thing in common: they're friendship songs, of course. filled with ideas of mutual support, giving each other strength through the bad times, and just plain having fun. no matter what genre they are-- they can be upbeat or mellow, light or dark-- that's the underlying message.

1. jonas brothers - inseparable | lyrics | all-around friendshippy song.

2. holly brook - saturdays | lyrics | lazy times at hogwarts that make them feel almost like normal kids.

3. our lady peace - a story about a girl | lyrics | ron & hermione telling harry that they'll stick with him, he doesn't have to be lonely anymore.

4. bryan adams - summer of '69 | lyrics | summers are special-- no hogwarts, just lots of free time to spend with your friends... maybe go to a quidditch world cup match or two?

5. trading yesterday - what i'm dreaming of | lyrics | after voldemort, even 19 years later. there's a bright future waiting for them.