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in this section you'll find trio-related stuff for you to download, like music, goodies for your desktop and other interesting things. if you have any trio stuff that you'd like to submit for dowload here, just give us a shout via email.

GRACE OF THE UNKNOWN - deathly hallows in song

a mix of songs inspired by the seventh harry potter book, harry potter and the deathly hallows. it's mostly focused on the trio, but follows the book closely, so it is filled with explicit details about the whole plot; don't download if you don't want to be spoiled. 2-disk combination, made with the idea of providing background music for the reading of DH. it mostly rock and alternative music, but it really includes a little bit of everything, including pop, ballads, metal, even classical music. featuring music by the stills, our lady peace, vienna teng, lacuna coil, aqualung, 3 doors down and more!

production notes, covers & track list, download links


like the name says, a calendar for 2008 made from the best harry potter fanart out there! each month has a theme, usually a character or a group of characters, and the calendar for each theme is made into a collage of gorgeous art about that theme, from our favorite artists. the trio is featured in a couple of months, plus cover and back cover. featuring fanart by koge-donbo, makani, doremi-chan, amanda grazini, hito76, yamatoking, 2beats, danime-chan, aimo, tolueno, cippow25, yllya, gwendy and many, many more!

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