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here you'll find our trio video recommendations. we scout youtube daily, looking for high quality trio videos, and bring them to you here. be it actual music videos, general videoclips from behind-the-scenes/interviews, or even image slideshows, we pick only the best to showcase here. these are the latest; if you want to see the whole list of our recommendations, please visit our youtube favorites list.
everything's magic, by lotoazul
(aka, the webmistress ^_^)

we can, by restrictedbeauty.

song: we can, performed by leann rimes.

why we like it: this song is so incredibly powerful. the video focuses not only on the magic, and how they use it to face off against adversity, but on their relationship, and how it gives them strength for them to do what they have to do. the editing is flawless. rare clips abound. she uses fade transitions sometimes between the clips, plus intro and credits, which is nice. bonus points for inserting dialogue from the movies.
i'm with you, by all4harrypotter.

song: i'm with you, performed by avril lavigne.

why we like it: this song is so emo, perfect for harry. the vid mostly focuses on him and the moments when he's feeling lonely or down, but towards the climax, ron and hermione make their appearance and it's a great choice of the best moments when they comfort harry. it uses some great effects-- grayscale, sepia, and that neat flat gray one, as well as slight repetitions to emphasize the transitions between scenes.
trio dedication, by hpharlequin31.

song: hero, performed by chad kroeger; everybody's changing, performed by keane; and one wild night, performed by bon jovi.

why we like it: it's great, this idea of having one song dedicated separately to each character. the songs really fit them, mostly. and i'm sure we all snickered a bit while listening to one wild night as a background for hermione ;)
let's see how far we've come, by icarus8222.

song: how far we've come, performed by matchbox 20.

why we like it: love the accelerated speed; it makes the video fit the song, which is so upbeat. it rolls almost like a recap of the most important scenes of the movies. cheered when the video blacked out when the song paused. extra points for the comparison between harry being bullied by dudley in PS/SS, and then standing up to him in OotP. i also loved the "montage" of all the movie endings, it just complemented the "welcome to the DM" dialogue addition at the very end.
cartoon heroes, by nic0kenty.

song: cartoon heroes, performed by aqua.

why we like it: every teenage hero movie/series should have a video to this song ;) it's very individual, focusing on the incredible things each of them have done over the years, like, say, setting snape on fire, jumping on a troll, driving a flying car over the whomping willow... it's just really cute.
adiamus, by vmichel530.

song: adiamus, performed by era.

why we like it: the song is very evocative even by itself. the black & white effect makes it feel like a memory, like at fourth year, they're looking back on their lives before. it encapsulates all the main trio moments from the first three movies. the short, quick zoom and close-ups of their faces make it more personal and give it feeling. the scenes fade into each other to the rhythm of the music. insanely good for a first video.
wherever you will go, by laitalath.

song: wherever you will go, performed by the calling.

why we like it: it's mostly OotP: shows how ron and hermione, as well as the rest of the DA, will support harry through his hardest times. the editing is really good, the scenes fade and switch along with the rhythm, and the visual agrees with the song in that it seems softer in the "slow" parts of the song, and it accelerates in the crescendoes. using voldemort and the onslaught of death eaters as the "great wave" that falls, sirius falling through the veil when "when i'm gone" sounds, those represent a good fit. and i personally love the fast transitions when "bring me back to you" is sung.
how to save a life, by hggwgalore.

song: how to save a life, performed by the fray.

why we like it: this song might just be the biggest friendship song of the decade, absolutely perfect when in the topic of supporting your friends through their trying times. also it's great that each one of them gets their own verse-bridge-refrain, and then all together in the end. the quickly flashing scenes at the end are also a nice detail.
somewhere waiting, by katherineokane2.

song: somewhere waiting, performed by april sixth.

why we like it: i really love the black/white-flash-color transitions, they give it a shocking effect, especially when they coincide with the heavier beats of the song. the music itself is very fitting with the "fighting for your life" theme. and of course, the chess scene and the ministry of magic battle are two of my favorite scenes ever in the movies.
how far we've come, by chelseyt.

song: how far we've come, performed by matchbox 20.

why we like it: is there any doubt that this song fits the harry potter series to a tee? and even if it didn't, this video is just great, not because of the effects, but because of the thought behind its structure. i love the parallels drawn through all the movies-- arriving at hogwarts, the DADA professors, and especially those when "let's see how far we've come" is said, they demonstrate just how much these characters have changed. also, the actual movie sounds are very well used and i like the flashing clips of the trio at the end. the editing is flawless and matches the rhythm perfectly.
you raise me up, by apinklady.

song: you raise me up, performed by westlife.

why we like it: i think it's amazing how she overlays the clips so flawlessly, and i love the overall glowy aspect the whole video has. the crop/pan is used a lot without it being overwhelming, it just enhances the feelings by zooming in on facial expressions. the movie sounds were very well used. and the song is a classic, what best to show that they are each other's support system, right?
together wherever we go, by 0broadway0baby0.

song: together wherever we go, from the musical gypsy.

why we like it: mostly all the images are of the trio; there are no singles or pairs up until the very end, where there were three singles, one of each, and a shot of the hogwarts express. this is nice, because it gave the slideshow a sense of closure. the movement and zoom is simple, not overwhelming. the images were from all the movies and real life. there was even some fanart, which is always a plus. also, the song is cute and funny ^_^
rooftops, by kadyswellies.

song: rooftops (a liberation transmission), performed by lostprophets.

why we like it: there are many nice effects on the images (i especially liked that aged one), and the text insertions worked very well, didn't interrupt the flow at all. the transitions moved along with the rhythm, especially at the end. the song is great. oh, and that image of the trio screaming their heads off at fluffy shown exactly when "scream your heart out" comes out, that was hilarious ;)
all about us, by luvharrypotterlots.

song: all about us, performed by T.a.T.U.

why we like it: i really like the sort of slow zoom effect the slideshow has overall. it really lets you contemplate the lyrics of the song and how they relate to the pics. simple, but great.
there's a hero, by emmagranger83.

song: there's a hero, performed by billy gilman.

why we like it: the images fade into each other. also, we sort of get images in chunks, like a group of pics from one movie or one scene, instead of them being just random. and the song is absolutely beautiful.
all for love, by emmagranger83.

song: all for love, performed by bryan adams, rod stewart and sting.

why we like it: this song is a timeless anthem for friendship. love the fading transitions. the sequence of pictures of the yule brawl is lovely.