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this is what i call a “small-big” update. the “about the trio” section is now up and running! including stats for each of the characters, personality traits and even a special treat as a deeper analysis. there’s also information about the trio, such as how their friendship started, and what their best and worst moments were, as a unit. go ahead and check it out! warning: includes spoilers for the end of the series.

we’ve also been added to a couple of directories— golden day and glitter— so i’ve added the links back there, as is the polite thing to do :)

i’ll be adding more images to the gallery soon, and i’ll start to type up something for the “about HP” section, though, really, if you don’t know what HP is, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last ten years *rolls eyes*… for the moment, *sigh* i’m still debating over what to do about the fanfiction section. PLEASE, you guys, do let me know which way you think i should go. without your input i’m pretty much stuck as is.

well, i’ve been adding stuff the last couple of days, so if you see stuff that wasn’t there before, no, it’s not your imagination :P

first off, i thought we needed a place for trio discussion, so i went ahead and created a companion livejournal community for this site— HMS_trio. so if you have a livejournal, go ahead and join, and feel free to post your graphics, fics, or similar, or just start a discussion if you want! just make sure you follow the rules. we hope this community will be a success! there aren’t many (if any) trio communities out there.

other than that, i’ve been adding some links. i added a new affiliate— the HP cast icons LJ community, which is also just starting out and needs more members! if you make icons of the HP actors, especially the trio, outside of their HP roles, please join!

i’ve also been entering this site in a few HP “top sites”— for the moment the only one that’s active is the HP top 100, but that’s fine… please vote for us! the link is in the side menu, just scroll down until you find the “listed at” table, and then just click on the HP top 100 button. as for an incentive, uh… we’d love you forever? ;D we’d like to make this site as popular as possible.

i also added new images to the gallery. i added some more PS/SS screencaps, and also CoS, both screencaps and promo pictures. go ahead and take a look!

as far as future plans go, more pics will be coming soon to the gallery. i was thinking that i’d also like to add a “moments” section, as in having a section of the site detailing all the trio moments from the books. i think it’s a great idea, though it’ll probably be a WIP for a long time, as i’ll have to reread the books to get every single moment down.

i’m still trying to figure out how to write up the “about” sections. i’m also wondering how to work in the fanfiction section— i was thinking that maybe i could install efiction and just have people post their trio fanfics here? or would you guys just want me to keep going with the idea of just linking to the best trio fanfics that have already been posted somewhere? please let me know through the tagboard or in an email. i’m really torn on this, and i’m pretty much stuck until i reach a decision.

hello all! i finally finished putting together the music section. there’s not much in there yet, just a few songs for each one of the members of the trio, but it’ll keep growing as i keep finding songs that fit them. you can go there now and listen to the songs on our special jukeboxes! isn’t that just great? :D

as always, your recommendations for trio songs are not only encouraged but needed. if there’s a song you think fits any of the members of the trio, or their friendship (there’s also a section for “trio” songs), please let us know through the tagboard, or feel free to send us an email. we’ll be glad to have your help to improve this website with each update.

next i’ll be adding more pics to the gallery, so stay tuned! i’ll also try working on the profile pages.

but i’ll need a LOT more help for the fanfiction section, since i haven’t had much time to read fanfics lately. so if you’ve read a trio-focused fanfic that you just love, send a hint our way! it CAN be a shippy fic— as in, any two of them can be in a relationship, or they can even be in relationships with other people and such— just as long as the relationship between the trio is the main focus. just let us know and we’ll take a look at it, see if it’s alright to add it to our recs! you know how to contact us already.

yesterday i finally got the video recs section ready! you can see some great trio videos right there now. there are a grand total of 16 videos: 11 fanmade music vids, and 5 image slideshows. they’re all wonderful, so enjoy them! this section will be updated regularly, i’ll be scouting youtube once in a while looking for new vids to add, while taking out the old ones. you can also see all of them, even those that are removed from the site, in our youtube channel favorites.

have a favorite trio video? recommend it to us via the tagboard, or let us know in an email, and we’ll take a look at it, see if it can be used in the site.

i also chose one of the current recommended videos as the featured video. the honor went to restrictedbeauty’s fabulous video for the song we can by leann rimes. you can see it here, or in the videos section. the featured video will also be updated every time there’s a video update.

and one last bit of an update— i added some descriptions to the pics i uploaded last time to the gallery. i’m a bit anal retentive when it comes to pointing out exactly what was happening in each scene of every pic, you see XD but oh well.

i’ll be working on the music section now, adding a jukebox of songs that remind me of the members of the trio and their relationship. lyrics will be included. if you have any suggestions, again, let us know through the tagboard or via email.

wow, you guys, you wouldn’t believe how much i’ve worked on this site today! i’m sure you can notice, just by taking a look around. there are so many changes, i’m almost afraid i’ll forget something. well, let’s start from the beginning:

  1. i finished installing fanupdate. as evidenced by the fact that now we have a place to post the updates XD i also upgraded to version 2.1.1, which is SO much better than the outdated one i previously used. i guess my whole collective is a bit more efficient now :) it was hell to code, because i had to tinker with the actual PHP to get it to match the layout— and i even wanted to have the table headers (where the date & title of the update are) alternate between the yellow and the red, but i couldn’t figure it out. but, oh well, it looks okay like this, i guess :P

  2. i set up the gallery! i also modified the theme so that it somewhat matched the main page layout. looks pretty, doesn’t it? :) i created a bunch of categories and albums so that it’ll be organized.

  3. first image uploads. i also uploaded a bunch of PS/SS screencaps to the gallery. nothing too big, just a few images so that it won’t be empty. and who doesn’t love baby!H, Hr, & R? they were the cutest thing back in that movie! awwww… *pinches cheeks* ;D

  4. finished mucking about with the layout. i finally got this thing to look like i wanted it to look. i used PHP includes galore. the sidebar looks fuller now than it did before. i edited the site description, added a hits counter, fixed up the menu, and uploaded the little images for recent/upcoming HP. i also installed a cute and nifty little image slideshow script that will let you see thumbnails of the latest images uploaded to the gallery, added some buttons to link back here, and a link to kNET. there’s also a brand new tagboard so that visitors can interact on-site. took me a while to get the colors right, but it looks fine now. and last but not least, there’s a featured image— baby!ron’s expressions are love ♥ XD

  5. added placeholder pages. i added pages for “about the trio,” “about harry potter,” “music recs,” “video recs,” and “fanfic recs.” they’re still empty, true, but at least you won’t hit a 404 error now, when you click on the links! :O i’ll work on the content ASAP, i promise. i also moved the disclaimer to its own, separate page, to make the layout a little less cluttered in this one.

  6. the fanlisting is working and accepting members! please go ahead and join. just remember that this is not the official or TFL-approved fanlisting for the trio. yeah, we’re as unofficial as it gets, but hey, you can never show your love for the trio too much ;D it’s just for fun, really. as of this minute i’m still the only member on the list, so join now!

i’ll be scouting youtube for trio vids so i can add a “featured video” soon. feel free to point them out to me via the tagboard or by email, but keep in mind that i’m looking for TRIO vids, as in, preferably friendship. you can recommend romantic videos, as well, as long as it deals with the conflict between the three, when it comes to romance, and it doesn’t point specifically to one ship in the end.

i’ll be adding more images to the gallery soon, as well. oh, and we’re looking for affiliates! please have us in mind if you have a related website!

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