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hello, all! it’s been a while since i’ve updated— i’m terribly sorry, first with the holidays and then i’ve been out of town without much internet access, so i haven’t had a chance to work much on this site. however, i’ve added stuff now and it’s a big update!

first off, i’ve added two new sections: that quotes page i’ve been saying for so long i’d work on, complete with descriptions of each moment and cute trio pixelated fairy-type bullets. and then there’s a new downloads page! yes, that means stuff for you! :D currently there are two things for y’all to download— a deathly hallows fanmix (including covers, back covers and mp3s) and a 2008 harry potter fanart calendar made by yours truly with some of the best HP fanart out there. enjoy :) i’ll soon be putting up some stuff for your desktop, like wallpapers and the like. wait for it!

and lastly, i added about a truckload of PoA screencaps to the gallery! most of them capped by the ever-lovely kalie from that great harry/hermione fansite, hooked on a feeling (which no longer exists, which goes to show just how long these caps have been sitting in my computer…) :O but anyway, they’re still great caps. and i still have A LOT of pics to upload from PoA AND the later movies, so be on the lookout for that.

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