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hello, all! welcome to lovelies, cali's fanfiction recommendation engine. well, not really an engine, but you catch my drift. i love to read, and i've read so much fanfiction i think i could make a encyclopaedia of it. i decided to share my wisdom with you guys, then ^.~ lol.

when ff.net started the new C2 tool, i thought it was a wonderful way to share my favorite fanfics with the general public who probably hasn't gone so far back into their respective fandoms to find some of the best fics that, for all intents and purposes, are as old as time, but still wonderful. then i found out one could only have ONE C2 community. then i fumed. and after i fumed some more, i decided to just create a big listing of the fics i wanted to rec, sort of a big C2-wannabe thing. if you look at it from a certain angle, it's actually even better than C2, because i'm not only restricted to ff.net ^________^

so here you have them! use the links at the top to navigate, then. when you hover over the link, it will tell you more info about the page it links to. they're mostly grouped by couples because basically everything i read has romance in it. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

warning: this page is best viewed in mozilla firefox 3.5 and above. i cannot guarantee the layout will look as intended in other browsers. in fact, i'm pretty sure it looks like crap in internet explorer. i'm working on the compatibility issues, but in the meantime please use firefox to browse this website, it will make your experience a million times better.